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Charles Hilsdon

Charles%20hilsdon show

Music has always been part of my life. I have great memories from my early childhood when I was no more than about eight years old and I used to save up my weekly pocket money, then go down to the local record shop to buy the latest songs from the charts on vinyl 45 singles! Most of my friends were still spending their money on toys and games and couldn’t understand my obsession with music.

In my teens I worked as a DJ, before going up to University where I became heavily immersed in student radio, where I did my first live shows. After graduating, I carried on my interest in radio when I became involved in a short lived, ‘pirate’ radio station, but it is probably best not to say any more on that particular subject!

I’ve worked as a ‘roadie’ for various bands down the years (some you will have heard of, others you will have not!) and now I’m getting too old and grumpy to be carrying heavy equipment around in the early hours of the morning, I’m returning to radio.

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